Sanae's Bread Scans

About us

We're a small scanlation team that likes to translate Touhou and Clannad doujinshi! You can find all of our releases on:

Scroll to the end of this page to find a list of our completed and in-progress scanlations.

Our Discord

Our Discord invite link: discord.gg/5uXpn9f3pa.

Over time, this server has become an unofficial hub for many Touhou scanlation groups and doujinshi readers. If you would like to discuss our releases or releases from other groups, please join our server! We're friendly!

In the past, we have collaborated with these scanlation groups:

Can you help us?

If you love reading Touhou doujinshi, and like the work we do, please consider joining our team to participate in releasing more Touhou translations! If you're interested, message us on Discord or take a look at this document to learn more about how our group operates.

We can help you!

  • If you are a scanlator and would like to translate one of our releases into another language...

    ...we can provide you with the cleaned pages! Contact us in our Discord with the name of the release.

  • If you are a scanlator and you want to upload one of your Touhou releases to Dynasty Scans...

    ...we can help you bypass the upload queue! Message @nanoskript with a link to your image files, a list of suggested tags, the names of the authors, and the name of your scanlation group.

    Please note that we may choose to recommend going through the upload request system if we're unsure that the release meets Dynasty Scans' content and quality guidelines.

  • If you're doing research on Touhou doujinshi...

    ...we have access to a number of datasets that power sites like the Touhou Doujinshi Index. Contact us with the kind of data or data analysis you are looking for and we may be able to help.

Tools and resources

Touhou Doujinshi Index

The Touhou Doujinshi Index is a database that lets you search for translations of Touhou doujinshi across many sites by title, tags, characters, and more. If you are looking for particular Touhou doujinshi, this site may be useful to you.

Please be advised that some links on the site may be NSFW (explicit).


This tool lets you easily look up the meanings of manga sound effects. The definitions included are compiled from multiple sources.

Guide to Scanlation with Scanlation Station

Scanlation Station is a custom-built state-of-the-art tool we use for producing scanlations. This is an internal document detailing how to use Scanlation Station. Take a look if you are interested in how our group operates.

Contact us

Message @nanoskript on Discord or email us at [email protected].



Completed or ongoing